Announcement on Hong Duc University’s admission for full-time bachelor’s and associate’s study programs 2021



On Hong Duc University’s admission for full-time bachelor’s and associate’s study programs 2021

By implementing full-time undergraduate admission project and admission plan 2021, Hong Duc university (HDU) announce the following contents:

  1. General information

University name: Hong Duc University

Code: HDT

Contact: Division of Training management (R207, Main building), No.565 Quang Trung 3 – Dong Ve ward – Thanh Hoa city. Telephone number: 02373. 910.619; 0912 483 189; 0912 383 342.


Apply for admission online:

  1. Admission scope: Nationwide
  2. Eligible candidate: graduated from high school, vocational, college or university
  3. Admission method:

Hong Duc University organizes enrollment simultaneously in all 5 methods:

Method 1: Using the results of the high school graduation exam in 2021;

Method 2: Using the results of the national high school exam in 2019 and graduating from high school in 2020;

Method 3: Using learning results in high school;

Method 4: Direct recruitment according to the regulations of the Ministry of Education and Training; direct selection of students who won the provincial excellent student award;

Method 5: Admission of students with IELTS 5.0 or TOEFL iPT score of 60 or higher (within 24 months from the date of certification to the date of registration).

The university organizes exams for gifted subjects (Expressive Reading and Singing; Jumping on the spot and Running 100m) in a combination of entrance exams for candidates applying for admission to Kindergarten, Primary Education, and Physical Education.

  1. Training human resources for People’s Democratic Republic of Laos:

- All programs and levels of training that the university is organizing and implementing.

- Enrollment quota: 30 students

- Eligibility: International students who have graduated from high school, college, university in Vietnam or graduated in Laos and have a Vietnamese language proficiency equivalent to level 4/6 (B2) as prescribed; if not, they must study Vietnamese at Hong Duc University until they meet the requirements.

Contact details: International Cooperation Division, Tel: 02373.230.078, 0865317289./.