Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of Hong Duc University

Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of Hong Duc University

To prepare for the institution’s 25th anniversary (September 24 1997 - September 24 2022), Hong Duc University plans to organize many activities and scientific seminars to celebrate this meaningful and important event.


On September 24, 1997, the Prime Minister issued Decision No. 797/QD-TTg to establish Hong Duc University, it’s precursor being the College of Pedagogy, College of Economics - Technology, Thanh Hoa Medical College. Hong Duc University is the first university in Vietnam's higher education system that established under the model of a public, multidisciplinary university, directly under the People's Committee of Thanh Hoa province and under the State management of the Ministry of Education and Training.


In the context of higher education innovation, Hong Duc University defines its strategic goals as: Striving to become a multi-disciplinary, application-oriented higher education institution that meets national standards and a number of majors which meet international standards; is a major center of research, application and transfer of science and technology to serve the socio-economic development goals of the province, region and the whole country.


Over the past 25 years, Hong Duc University has been honored to be awarded many noble awards by the Party and State: the Second-Class Labor Medal (2011) and the First-Class Labor Medal (year 2017). In 2017, the university was recognized as meeting Standards for Quality Assurance and Accreditation of Higher Education Institutions; ranked 49th out of 256 higher education institutions with the best international publications in Vietnam in 2019; ranked 30th out of 100 of the best universities in Vietnam by Webometrics in the early 2022 rankings, and many others.


To celebrate this important milestone, as well as review the 25-year journey of building and developing and promoting the tradition of the University, we will create an exciting atmosphere to help officials and learners have more faith, love and pride to continue promoting the tradition of the University. The university will organize a series of events, such as: Launching many emulation sessions to celebrate the anniversary; organizing cultural, artistic and sport activities; showing a film to introduce the development of the University; organizing scientific conferences; building a record of 25 years of construction and development of the university; upgrading traditional rooms; renovate the campus to be more green, clean, beautiful, civilized, as well as many other activities.


The 25th anniversary of the establishment of the University will be held on September 24th, 2022, at the Great Hall of Hong Duc University. The celebration is expected to be attended by hundreds of domestic and international guests, a large number of businesses, partners, and generation of officials, lecturers and students. This is also an opportunity for the University to show gratitude and honor to individuals, groups and organizations who have given their support, dedication, and contribution to build a greater Hong Duc University./.