Hong Duc University opens the 25th training course

On the morning of October 19th, 2022, Hong Duc University held the Opening Ceremony of the 25th Training Course, welcoming more than 2,100 new students to be admitted to full-time university study for 34 training disciplines.


Ha Thi Tam - K25 History Teacher Education (Bachelor of Talents) on behalf of fresh students presents flowers to Assoc. Prof. Dr. Bui Van Dung

Attending the opening ceremony were Mr. Le Hai Quan - Member of the Standing Committee, Head of the Propaganda Department of the Provincial Party Committee of Agencies and Enterprises; Mr. Le Van Nam - Deputy Director of Department of Information and Communications; Mr. Bui Hai Vinh - Vice Chairman of the Study Promotion Association of Thanh Hoa province; Dr. Vu Van Tuyen - Chairman of the University Council of Thanh Hoa University of Culture, Sports and Tourism; Assoc. Prof. Dr. Le Hoang Ba Huyen - Rector of Thanh Hoa Agricultural College; Mr. Le Minh Cong - Vice Chairman of Alumni Association of Hong Duc University; representatives of leaders of provincial-level departments and branches; representatives of companies, enterprises and universities and colleges in Thanh Hoa province. In addition, the attendance included Assoc.Prof.Dr. Bui Van Dung - Secretary of the Party Committee, Rector of the University; Assoc.Prof.Dr. Le Viet Bau – Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, Chairman of the School Council; the comrades in the Executive Committee of the Party Committee, the Board of Directors, leaders of the departments, departments, centers, training faculties, lecturers and more than 300 new students; representing more than 10,000 students of the whole university population.



Speaking at the Opening Ceremony, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Bui Van Dung - Secretary of the Party Committee, Rector of the University, on behalf of the Party Committee and the Board of Directors, congratulated and welcomed more than 2,100 new students in the 2022-2026 class who had just entered and became the 25th student group of the training course of the university. School Assoc. Prof. Dr. Bui Van Dung emphasized that “In the school year 2021-2022, the school's pedagogical team has successfully accomplished the dual goal, both successfully completing the University's political tasks while implementing the prevention of the Covid-19 epidemic, in addition it has achieved many goals in all aspects of activities. Thus, the results of enrollment of all forms and training levels reached 102%, these are training disciplines with the highest enrollment scores in the country. For instance, Industry Development is interested in meeting the needs of society (there are 3 newly opened branches: Computer Science, Natural Science, University of Animal Husbandry-Veterinary Medicine); 100% of training programs are reviewed, updated and adjusted to ensure interoperability, modernity, meeting objectives and output standards.”

Further highlights include the fact that in this school year, the school was recognized as having achieved the educational quality accreditation (cycle 2) and became one of the few universities in the country to carry out the accreditation and assessment of the school's quality periodically. In addition, the University conducted the Self-Mapping Report on Educational Institutions Quality (UPM) and achieved 4-star results. In the academic year 2021-2022, the University attained four more training programs that are accredited and meet the standards for quality accreditation of training programs, bringing the total number of accredited training programs to 14.


Upholding the 25-year tradition of construction and development, the educational philosophy of "Comprehension - Experience - Practice - Talent" and core values ​​of "Talent - Innovation - Responsibility - Integration" remain crucial. Hong Duc University is aiming at strategic goals such as comprehensive reform, substantive administration and management of the University in accordance with the Law on Higher Education; build a contingent of cadres, lecturers and employees with qualities, qualifications and capabilities to meet the requirements and assigned tasks; improve the efficiency and quality of human resource training to meet the needs of the labor market; promote scientific research and technology transfer and innovation activities; improve the efficiency of international cooperation; strengthen material foundations and equipment in a synchronous and modern direction; building Hong Duc University step by step into an autonomous university, with a modern, intelligent and professional management system, a large center for high-quality human resource training, scientific research, transfer technology transfer and innovation of the province, the region and the whole country.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Bui Van Dung believes that the school's leaders, officers, lecturers, employees and students are determined to unite, overcome all challenges, constantly innovate to achieve the highest work efficiency in the future in the academic year 2022-2023 and soon achieve the set targets.

For the new students K25, Assoc. Dr. Bui Van Dung said "Thank you for being the source of new vitality, new energy, new enthusiasm to continue the glorious tradition of the school. They are one of the important factors for Hong Duc University to affirm its position in the system of Vietnamese universities and a great motivation for our school to continue on the journey of age 25 - firmly go forward.”

Assoc. Dr. Bui Van Dung also expressed his wish that "you should make efforts to study and practice to turn your dreams and ambitions into reality. Remember, your learning process is not only accompanied by your family, but also by the teachers, staff and employees of Hong Duc University."

At the ceremony, on behalf of the Party Committee, School Board of Directors, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Bui Van Dung beat the drum to open the school, officially announcing the opening of the school's 25th Training Course.

On behalf of the new students, Ha Thi Tam, a new student K25 of History in the University of Education, expressed her honor and pride to represent all the new students. “We will try to do our best in learning and training, be active in volunteering and integration...not only for our own success, but also to deserve the name of Hong Duc. Today, we are proud of the school, of the previous generations. Tomorrow, the school and the next generations will be proud of us!”

On this occasion, the University awarded the Certificate of Merit from the Chairman of Thanh Hoa Provincial People's Committee and awards to the lecturers and students who secured achievements in teaching, scientific research, Math, Physics and the Informatics Olympiad. Further Certificates of Merit and awards to honor the new student K25 who achieved the valedictorian award in the university and college entrance exams in 2022 and students with high results in study and training for the 2021-2022 school year were also given.


In addition, the school's leaders gave flowers to congratulate and thank the parents whose new students achieved high scores in the university entrance exam in 2022, thanking them for trusting and choosing Hong Duc University as the place to send their children.

The opening ceremony of the 25th training course took place in an atmosphere of joy and excitement of all staff, lecturers and new students, promising a successful academic year. The moment when the school's drum is struck is also a sacred moment, marking the beginning of a new stage in the life of the 25th regular university students of the University. From here, they will officially become students of Hong Duc University, bachelors and engineers in the future, contributing their efforts to the construction and defense of the country.