Message from the Rector

Welcome to Hong Duc University, a dynamic and prestigious scientific research institution. At our campus, we train academics to form unique solutions which launch successful commercial and research innovations across various fields.

Since our founding on the 24th of September, 1997, Hong Duc University has promoted scientific and technological activities which serve the goals of economic development in our region, as well as the country at large. 

Currently, Hong Duc University is focusing on university administration innovation by relying on the qualifications and expertise of our staff and lecturers. Thus, we meet regional and international standards of innovative curriculums and teaching methods which enhance professional practice for our students.

Furthermore, Hong Duc University is engaged in developing education with research programs of transition and cooperation. The university also concentrates on erecting modern infrastructure, expanding and diversifying international cooperation activities with government agencies, non-governmental organizations and foreign universities in the realms of industrialization and modernization of Vietnam.

With these developments, we are glad to welcome you to our institution! You have made the right choice to study at Hong Duc University.

All the best,