Visions and Missions

1. Mission

Hong Duc University has the mission of training multi-disciplinary human resources capable of adapting to the changes of the labor market; scientific research, technology transfer to serve the socio-economic development of Thanh Hoa province and the whole country.

2. Core Values

Quality - Efficiency - Professionalism - Integration

3. Vision

By 2030, HDU will be a reliable and prestigious institution for training, scientific research and technology transfer in a number of key majors in the natural sciences, social sciences, and education. In addition, students studying engineering and technology, agriculture, forestry, fishery and economics will reach the same level as major universities in the central region of Vietnam.

4. Motto

- The quality and effectiveness of studying focus on goals, principles and orientations for training and scientific research activities. This is a decisive factor for the university's expansion, cooperation, development and competition.

- Serving socio-economic objectives, in line with the general needs of Thanh Hoa, the region and the whole country.

- Placing learners as the center for all activities of the school benefits the university itself by fostering research projects and activities.

5. Strategic goals

To build Hong Duc University into a multidisciplinary, application-oriented higher education institution that meets national and international standards; a prestigious center for scientific research and technology transfer, meeting the requirements of high-quality and qualified human resources for socio-economic development of Thanh Hoa province, the region and the country.